Our Story

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Our Story

Kansas City Black Liberation Radio (KCBLR) 91.1 FM is a grassroots community radio station that came into being on June 1, 1997. I met Brotha Sauti Nokware during the first Gulf War under the first Bush Administration.  Brotha Sauti was the host of Nighthawk program on a so-called community radio in Kansas City, Missouri, KKFI 90.1 FM,(we call it kkkfi). I began listening to Brotha Sauti because he was knowledgeable, articulate and compassionate. At this time I was beginning my journey of re-educating myself and coming into consciousness of who we are as Afrikan people and what it is I have been ordained by the creator to carry-out while in the physical realm.

I began listening to Brotha Sauti during my working hours and called in to educate the listeners about political prisons/prisoners of war held kaptive in Amerikas’ concentration kamps.  I was invited as a guest on Nighthawk program which I gladly accepted and soon became a co-host of the program.

We covered issues that impacted the Afrikan communities throughout the diaspora. We were unapologetically Afrikan, and did not care who did not like it.  Nighthawk programming ran five days a week five hours each day.  Soon I was given my on day to produce my five hour program.

We covered police brutality, prisoners human rights violation, environment, corruption in politics and the local city government. We prevented  a resolution called “Odyssey 2000” from passing in Kansas City, Missouri. This resolution funded 100 more police in which we knew were coming to our communities.

On August 21, 1994, when I reported to the station for my program we were met by two Europeans(male/female) who informed me that I would not be doing my program.  These two Europeans gave Brotha Sauti and I envelops which included a letter from the board of KKFI that our volunteer services were no longer needed.

We begin to do research on low powered/micro radio stations and traveled the kountry participating in these radio conferences.  After completing our research we purchased the equipment needed to operate the station.

We were deliberate in all aspects of the creation of Kansas City Black Liberation Radio(KCBLR).  We did want anyone to think we were part of or a front for the established white controlled media. We selected five call letters, this was chosen to allow prospective Black Liberation Radio stations to use their city, state or kountry for their first two letters.

Brotha Sauti chose 91.1 because he said the Afrikan Communities were in a state of emergency.  On June 1, 1997, we graced the air waves with KCBLR, and on or about November 2007, we introduced ourselves to cyberspace.  Currently, KCBLR have moved to Ghana, West Afrika and we have updated our name to reflect were we live.

We are now Kansas City Black Liberation Radio In Ghana (KCBLR-GH). The lesson here is, it is not up to our enemies to allow us to do anything, our liberation is solely up to us.  It was said, we should struggle as though we answer to no one but our ancestors, our children and those yet born.

The Struggle Continues,

Brotha Sauti & Sista Shiriki

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